Why I stopped selling supplements

First of all, this is my experience and my experience only. I cannot speak for others in the business nor do I want pretend that I am somehow above or below them. In fact I know several people who are in the supplement business and they are genuinely good people who like to help other individuals accomplish their goals.

Why I started selling supplements

capsule_moneyI started selling supplements online for 2 reasons:
1. I found that I was already answering a lot of questions on which supplements to take from various people while discussing their particular situation. I have bought all sorts of supplements and found that I had decent first hand knowledge on a variety of brands and was able to draw from experience while giving my opinion.

I also like to research a lot, and I would sometimes go in with the person asking me for help to visit a supplement store and help them pick out their purchase.

2. I found supplements to be so expensive, that I assumed there was a lot of mark up and therefore room for profit.
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