Motivate yourself in the gym

Motivation deprivation can strike at anytime. Need motivation to finish work outLow energy days happen to all of us. Have you ever walked into the gym, got changed and ready to go, and just as you step out to the floor you yawn? Or perhaps you stretch out your arms and feel your tired body asking to call it a day and just go home? Well then, sounds like we need to talk about how to motivate yourself on those days and crush your workout!

Of course, you can always drink some coffee or a pre-workout drink (Jack3d, noXplod, Hemorage and Assault are my faves) to get you going, but there are some other things you can do as well. You can also have some inner focus in mind to motivate you, I personally have my own focus that drives me into working hard, but that’s a different post altogether. Although having a purpose and using some of these supplements work well for me, this post is about some of the other things you can do to motivate yourself through those low energy days.

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Try some RICE for your pains

brown-rice-brutus-fitness-approvedInjury, muscle spasms, pain, it happens to all of us. I am at the end of my third week of consistent knee pains, and rice has helped me get through it. While I am not exactly sure what caused it, I know it’s my fault that it has lasted this long as I keep re-aggravating the injury.

You see, it’s very hard for me to walk into a gym or go to a practice, as I do almost daily, and NOT pick up a weight up or demonstrate a sports related movement for instructional purposes. This usually ends up with me putting too much weight on one of my knees which is when I grit my teeth and say… “Man, I shouldn’t have done that”.

The worst part is that I know what is needed to make me better…. R-I-C-E! I have been using I-C-E, but that’s a half-assed effort (3/4 to be exact). How does RICE help? Lets break it down.
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How to get big and strong naturally

Be Strong at any ageDo you want to get as big and strong as you can naturally get? Not everyone has this as their goal, I know I haven’t for a while. But if you are an athlete in high school or competing in any sport where you need to be as big and as strong as you can get, then you are probably wondering how to go about doing this naturally. Well the truth is that there is no 4 minute a day workout or magic supplement that can get you there.

The formula to get strong

There is a formula that has worked for me in the past, and it is not complicated.
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