Gonzales Spartans vs KC Mustangs 2016

GHS Spartans lost their final game of the season bringing their record to 1-9. The mostly sophomore squad faced adversity from the get go with low numbers, injury to starting QB’s and no depth at the line position among other setbacks. With the season over the focus now shifts to healing and rebuilding. A big thank you to all the seniors who were with us throughout this season and previous ones.

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JV Spartans vs Broncos 2016

The Spartans lost 7-14 in a pretty even contest. The Spartans struck first with a 5 yard strike from Michael Madera to Angel Zuniga. The drive was powered by the running of Michael Duby and Tony Viorato. The Spartan Defensive line did well all night, led by Jerry Ruiz, and Leonel Valdez. Michael Duby and Jonathan Camarena made some key plays as well.

I’m proud of the way we played. We were physical and kept the game close. You have to give the Broncos credit for playing us tough and getting the win.

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GHS Spartans vs Padres 2016

First the facts, the Spartans were outmatched from the get go as the game went 51-0 at halftime. However, the lack of numbers, injuries, players playing out of position, etc etc are not valid excuses for a team to lower itself to personal foul after personal foul. It seems like every year I see the Padre’s play they get better on the field but leave their sense of sportsmanship at home.

I personally heard words exchanged that reminded me of my youth when it was acceptable to call someone names because of the color of their skin. This is not acceptable today and does not belong on a high school football field. Both teams should be ashamed of their conduct.
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JV Spartans vs Carmel 2016

JV Spartans lost to the Padres 12-42 in a very physical game on Oct 28th. Michael Duby had a 47 yard run touchdown and Tony Viorato also punched one in from 1 yard out. Xavier Jimenez had an interception and Manny Vargas and Tony Viorato both contributed with play on the defensive line. With this game in the books, the spartans are moving on as focus turns to the last game of the season.

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