Lift with Purpose 2


It’s been 8 years since I wrote my first entry, about lifting with purpose. The article was self inspecting the reasons why I lifted weights, and asking the reader to do the same.

8 years later, a lot has changed in my life but my foundation has not changed. I still ask my athletes why they want to lift weights. I need a better reason than to be strong, or to be good. The better your why, the better your purpose is, the more likely your desire to reach it will be.

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Preparing to coach like an athlete

Coach Phillips D-Line clinicCoaches are just like athletes. They either get better at what they do, or they let everyone catch up and overtake you. Athletes get better by practicing their technique until it becomes muscle memory. They train to improve their strength, power, and speed. They seek out other methods or approaches to what they do, in hopes of adding weapons to their craft.
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Do your meals match your goals

30 day transformations

shreddedforsummerSo being that summer is in full swing, the topic of conversation at the weight room has turned to leaning out and “shredding”. Today’s high school athlete can do their own research and be bombarded with a ton of marketing on gadgets, supplements, Apps, e-books etc all claiming amazing results! There are plenty 30 Day Transformation diets and contests filled with “examples” of people who transformed their bodies in days using the product being promoted.
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