Eddy “Brutus” Ramirez


Why is Brutus Holding 2 pineapples?

Why is Brutus Holding 2 pineapples?

Lifting weights and sports have been a huge part of my life, my entire life. I don’t know how long I would keep my sanity if I couldn’t lift. It’s my therapy, it’s my daily rush, my measuring stick, it’s a big part of who I am.

I like to see how far I can push myself and I want to doing this for as long as I can. I want to inspire and teach others to test themselves and to take the lessons learned from the iron and apply them into everyday life.


  • I’m certified as a personal trainer through “NESTA” and have received other certificates from them including on sports nutrition and sports injuries.
  • In addition I’m Level 2 Certified from “CPPS” which is a sports performance certification at face but it’s so much more than it sounds. The developers of this certification have and continue to teach me a lot about how the body works and how to keep it moving.
  • I’m also Level 2 Certified in “Training For Warriors” which is a combat sports strength and condition system. It is what it sounds like, a philosophy and approach meant to train athletes that perform contact sports but can be modified and applied into training for anyone that wants to be fit for sports or an active life.

The Kru

Every year I invite 3-4 young minds to train with me and learn as much as they can. Depending on the goals we set, we work on movement patterns, strength, speed, power, correcting imbalances, preventing injuries and nutrition. Most people don’t have the discipline to be consistent with me and find their way out of this process. But if you stick around long enough and you work hard you become part of the KRU. Below are some of the people who have done just that, please have a look.

Also, having fun is MANDATORY. For example, you may look at my pic and wonder, “why is he holding two pineapples? Why isn’t he happy with one?” And I can only say, one pineapple, is NEVER enough.

Raul “Scooter” Morales

Scooter had a gruesome injury his Sophomore year where he took a direct hit to the knee and tore his MCL, ACL, and broke his tibia. He wanted to get back to his former self and be ready for football. It was a long process filled with hard work but we helped Scooter become his strongest ever! His senior year as QB, he helped lead his team to an undefeated season earning him All Star honors and voted team Offensive Player of the year!

Bench: 285 lbs (up 80 lbs from 205)
Squat: 375 lbs (up 120 lbs from 255)
Dead Lift: 445 lbs (up 130 lbs from 315)

Logan Gomez

Logan was considered undersized for football and wanted to play big. As a wrestler, maintaining conditioning was also important to him. Logan did in fact play big and it started with his hard work in the weight room. We worked on his sprint mechanics, football movements and overall strength and athleticism.

Forty Time: 4.9 (down a FULL second from 5.9)
Bench: 245 lbs (up 70 from 175)
Squat: 295 lbs (up 40 from 255)
DeadLift: 315 lbs (up 40 from 275)

Rafael “Ralph” Ramirez

Ralph started working out with us his Senior Year in High School. His focus was to be game ready and improve his overall athleticism.

Forty Time: 4.8
Bench: 275 lbs (up 90lbs from 185)
Squat: 365 lbs (up 90 lbs from 275)
DeadLift: 455 lbs (up 140 from 315)

Ryan Avila

Ryan was a dedicated football player that wanted to get better. Ryan played RB and LB and registered 100+ tackles in his Senior season. His focus was on getting more explosive, better reaction, and being able to perform quick football movements.

Forty Time: 5.2 (shaved .5 from 5.7)
Bench: 205 lbs (up 50 from 155)
Squat: 335 lbs (up 80 from 255)
DeadLift: 365 lbs (up 90 from 275)