Lift with Purpose 2

It’s been 8 years since I wrote my first entry, about lifting with purpose. The article was self inspecting the reasons why I lifted weights, and asking the reader to do the same.

8 years later, a lot has changed in my life but my foundation has not changed. I still ask my athletes why they want to lift weights. I need a better reason than to be strong, or to be good. The better your why, the better your purpose is, the more likely your desire to reach it will be.

As for me, I have had the unfortunate stroke of luck of dealing with hip issues that now prevent me from doing the exercises I loved the most, squats and dead lifts. There are other exercises that I can do, and I do what I can because I still lift to be my best. I still have a purpose to lift for.

I lift to be a role model, to share the culture of strength. Although my body cannot do what it once could, I strive to inspire others to do what they did not know they could do.

I lift to make daughters proud. To motivate them to build their bodies and minds to their full potential. To be an example to always strive to be better.

Eight years may have passed, but now more than ever…find your reason. Be your best! Lift with Purpose!


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