Spartans vs WildCats 2019

On Friday November First 2019 Gonzales High School Varsity Football Spartans put it’s “undefeated at home” record on the line against the visiting Watsonville wildcats. The wildcats have the reputation of being an “old school tough”, smash mouth, blue collared team so the crowd knew the game was going to be plenty of hard hitting action.

The evening started with a show of solidarity, as the Gonzales Knights escorted the Spartan Varsity team down Spartan Alley into Dick Force Stadium. The Gonzales Knights Cheer team also joined in and performed at halftime. With their inaugural season over, the joining of Knights and Spartans was a display of current and future generations of Spartan Football and Cheer.

Once the game started, the Wild Cats showed how they earned their reputation by controlling the first quarter, dominating the ground game and the clock. The Spartans only ran 2 offensive plays in the first quarter. Both teams traded a pair of touchdowns and went into the halftime with the game tied up at 14 – 14.

After the break the WildCats striked first in the 3rd quarter, stopping the Spartan assault and then marching down the field for a go ahead touchdown. With their backs against the wall, the Spartan Defense was able to find a way to slow down the Watsonville ground attack, allowing the Spartan Offense time to score a tying touchdown in the 3rd.

With the Defense now in control, the Spartans continued their assault and added two unanswered scores in the 4th quarter. The WildCats fought well and tested the home team but the Spartans came out victorious 33 – 20!

The Spartans are now 6 – 3, and play their last game at home vs the NMC Condors on 11/8/19.

Pictures of the game are below, thanks Jocelyn Ramirez for taking them


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